Cooking Up Success: Our Saladmaster Story

Join us as we recount the Saladmaster journey that led us from being a curious customer to becoming a proud dealer.

Follow our journey as we share the highlights of our experience, from our first demonstration to the day we officially became a Saladmaster dealer.

Our Story

In 2015, we were honored to be invited to a Saladmaster cooking show. Unfortunately, our late arrival meant that the food had already been prepared and served, so we made the most of the situation and enjoyed the meal that had been prepared for us.

Lani stumbled upon the Saladmaster food processor and was instructed to invite friends for a free lunch and dinner. She decided to invite a few couples, as she had been informed that hosting a group of 3-4 couples would result in her receiving a food processor as a reward.

When Mike praised the product for promoting health and wellness, we made the decision to purchase it for daily family use as part of our effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We were invited to attend an open house and it was there that we discovered the financial opportunity. Initially, we had gone for the promise of receiving a gift, but it wasn't until later that we realized the true potential for financial gain.

During our first hosting of a dinner show, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a cashback and an additional freebie. It was then that we realized there was also an opportunity for us to build our own business. A few weeks after our first hosting, we made the decision to seize the opportunity and underwent training to become a Saladmaster cooking coach.

Initially, both of us had full-time jobs and worked part-time on weekends. However, after a while, we chose to resign from our part-time positions and focus on this opportunity. This decision not only gave us more time with each other as a husband and wife, It also significantly enhanced our family time with our children.

Although we spend less time hosting cooking shows, the financial benefits have increased significantly, providing us with more financial freedom and allowing us to focus on quality time with our loved ones.


Lani decreased her full-time hours and after a few months, she made the decision to leave her job and fully dedicate herself to Saladmaster.

It was after attending our first life-altering event in Las Vegas that we truly gained a deeper understanding and enlightenment about all aspects of Saladmaster. Since then, we have consistently been part of the international winner's circle every year.

And the rest, as they say, is history. In 2022, we made the decision to take on a promotion as Saladmaster dealers and went on to establish Life Changing Solutions (LCS Cooks).