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1 Qt. (.9L) Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Cover

1 Qt. (.9L) Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Cover

Whether you're a new chef or looking for an upgrade, Saladmaster has the simple, sustainable and reliable cooking solutions you need. For over 75 years, we've provided natural ways to streamline your food prep and show your commitment to healthy living.

What Does a 1-Qt. Stainless Steel Saucepan Come With?

We strive to make healthy eating fun, convenient and accessible. Our 1-quart stainless steel saucepan has numerous health-enhancing and quality-of-life features:

  • Made in America: Our 316Ti stainless steel cookware adheres to strict manufacturing standards and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for additional security.
  • Faster cooking times: Saladmaster's Vapo-Valve™ technology helps you maintain optimal cooking temperatures. Thanks to a semi-vacuum cooking method and a dripless, easy-to-use pouring edge, your food will be out of the kitchen and on your table in no time.
  • Works on any cooking surface: We understand that every chef and cooking environment is unique. That's why our cookware pairs well with ovens and various stovetops, from gas to electric. 
  • Preserves natural flavor and nutrients: Enjoy your favorite recipes without added oil, butter or fat. A semi-vacuum cooking solution also retains moisture and up to 93% of your dishes' nutrients.
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