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10 inch (24.5 cm) Electric Oil Core Skillet

10 inch (24.5 cm) Electric Oil Core Skillet

Discover the secret to stress-free cooking with the Oil Core Skillet! Experience the simplicity of our precise temperature control with automated functions. Cooking has never been easier!

  • Simplifies the consumer cooking experience with easy temperature and time control and allows for healthy cooking. 316Ti stainless steel interior protects the purity and flavor of food during the cooking process. 
  • Cook more efficiently & precisely. This perfect kitchen tool features the Saladmaster Versa Touch electronic probe, allowing you to set precise temperatures and use a countdown timer. Designed with an oil core construction, heat evenly disperses throughout the pan cooking your food to perfection. 
  • Heat control unit is removable, allowing you to completely immerse the skillet in water to wash by hand or put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Leg design safely keeps unit off the countertop and remains cool to the touch during cooking and for transporting to the kitchen table. 
  • Saladmaster Limited Lifetime warranty
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