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11 in. (27.9 cm) Stainless Steel Square Griddle

11 in. (27.9 cm) Stainless Steel Square Griddle

Saladmaster's stainless steel square griddle pan makes healthy, delicious sweet and savory meals you'll appreciate again and again. This griddle is capable of making sustainable, health-conscious dishes of pancakes, eggs, burgers and more. 

Benefits of Saladmaster

When you need premium cookware, choose the brand that offers the Saladmaster Advantage. On top of a Limited Lifetime Warranty and an endless supply of new recipes, Saladmaster cookware provides:

  • Even heat distribution: We constructed our 316Ti stainless steel square griddle pan with a thermal core, allowing for even heat distribution. With our patented Vapo-Valve™ technology that alerts you when your griddle is at the perfect temperature for cooking food without burning off nutrients, cooking healthy food is the easiest it's ever been.
  • Fat-free cooking: Even heat is just the beginning of Saladmaster's construction benefits. Our pans don't need any extra fats to reduce sticking, either — not even for pancakes! Since we've gotten rid of the need to use butter or oil, your meal is that much healthier.
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