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9 Qt. (8.5L) Braiser Pan with Cover

9 Qt. (8.5L) Braiser Pan with Cover

Our Braiser Pan is thoughtfully designed to accommodate larger cuts of meats with ease. The generously sized flat bottom not only provides ample space for browning but also enhances surface area, allowing for optimal braising. This expanded surface heat promotes efficient evaporation, perfect for caramelizing onions or thickening sauces to perfection.

The shallow side-walls of our braiser pan offer versatility, enabling you to maximize the “2/3 full” rule. This is particularly advantageous when preparing dishes like stuffed bell peppers, ensuring even cooking throughout. Moreover, the pan’s design is ideal for crafting crowd-pleasing creations such as lasagna for a large gathering. With these features, our Braiser Pan is not just a cooking vessel; it’s a culinary companion that enhances your cooking experience and lets you master a variety of delicious recipes with confidence.

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