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French Whisk

French Whisk

The French Whisk is the perfect addition to any kitchen! Similar to a balloon whisk but longer and thinner, this whisk makes it easier to get into the corners of your pans and bowls. The wires are thicker and more stiff making this the ultimate tool for stirring heavier batters.

The Saladmaster French whisk is highly versatile and perfect for whipping eggs for fluffy omelets, emulsifying sauces and dressings, or mixing batters. The curves that match the aesthetic of our Saladmaster cookware and the logo stamp on end of handle lends itself to our brand.

The handle was made to spend hours in the kitchen whisking away! The swells in the handle fit perfectly in the palm of your hand giving it a comfortable grip and keeping hand fatigue away. Because of this balance the whisk can nicely sit in many sizes of bowls without having to create a mess on the countertop!

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