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Limited Edition 8.5 Qt Roaster

Limited Edition 8.5 Qt Roaster

Cooking for a family means large, no-fuss, one-pan meals. Saladmaster has the perfect cookware for you. The new Limited Edition 8.5 Qt. Roaster is the premiere piece in Saladmaster’s Complete Gourmet Collection. This amazing high-quality, high-demand, versatile roaster is ideal for browning meats and sautéing ingredients, also for creating stocks and broths from scratch. This new Limited Edition piece is available for a limited time only.

The large size makes the roaster ideal for one-pan meals – like roasts, pulled pork, chicken/rice casserole, curries, pastas, etc. (“slow-cooker” type meals also). The flat bottom of the pan allows for browning meats and sautéing ingredients before adding liquids for cooking – like soups, stews and chilis. The large size and high walls make it great for creating stocks/broths from scratch.


  • 316Ti stainless steel 
  • Aluminum core – even heat distribution 
  • Works on all stovetops, including induction 
  • 8.5 Qt./8.0L capacity 
  •  Top outside flange diameter is 12.250’’[31.1cm] 
  •  Top diameter inside is 10.750’’[27.3cm] 
  •  Bottom diameter inside is 9.179‘’[23.3cm] 
  •  Overall height outside is 6.000’’[15.2cm] 
  •  Uses the 10 Qt. Roaster cover 
  •  Complete Gourmet Collection laser etch – knob and two side handles 
  •  Limited Edition laser etch 

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